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Midwest Book Review said, "You Can't Write City Hall cultivates a delightful blend of insights on political processes, memoir, and a comedian's unique perspective."

The Epoch Times simply called it, "Tremendous."

Governor Mike Huckabee referred to the book as, "Absolutely hilarious."

Based on hilarious true events, the Amazon best-seller You Can’t Write City Hall tells the story of what happened when comedian Jeremy Nunes got elected mayor of Dawson, Illinois. Dawson is a small town, with a population of about 500, that sits just east of Springfield. It has no stoplights.

There is no ghostwriter. There are no filters. This story is told straight from the mayor himself, from the comic's perspective. Certain identities have been changed, but not his own.

So why, with so much good in his life, did Jeremy Nunes choose to put himself through the trials and tribulations of small-town politics? What about all those knocks on the door and late-night phone calls? Why deal with boardroom arguments? Why be a supervisor without being paid well?

Jeremy addresses all that and more, including detailing his interactions with Illinois political bigwigs like State Representative Tim Butler, Congressman Darin LaHood, and Governor Bruce Rauner. You'll laugh at the boardroom characters, quirky employees, and the petty things people complain about in a one-horse town. You'll love when Jeremy turns and starts firing back at complainers like he would hecklers at a comedy club. With so much humor, you'll be wondering if it's 100% true, and not just based on the story. To alter a popular phrase, You Can't Write City Hall.

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Interview with Mike Huckabee

Image from Interview with Mike Huckabee 4/23/2021


About the author

Jeremy Nunes has been performing stand-up comedy since 2002. Shortly thereafter, he graduated from the prestigious Second City Comedy Theater in Chicago. His comedy has been seen on FOX and PBS, and he's had roles in Lincoln's Secret Killer and Final Witness. He has a Dry Bar comedy special titled Neighborhood Sasq-Watch as well as an Amazon Prime comedy special titled Who's With Me?!

Jeremy resides in Central Illinois with his wife and two young children. He enjoys recording the Dynamite Drop In podcast, vacationing, traveling and performing his comedy shows, playing in poker tournaments, and watching Chicago sports and pro wrestling with his son.

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