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Corporate Shows and Fundraisers

    Looking for a comedian that will make you look like a star as the event planner??  Want to make sure your boss is happy and thrilled with who you hired??  Want to be sure your clients and guests have a great time??  Look no further!! DO NOT risk you and your company's reputation on a low budget, inexperienced comedian.  Now, if you're looking to do something unique at your next office holiday party, fundraiser, seminar, or just lighten the mood and have fun for whatever reason, the comedy of Jeremy Nunes is a great idea.

    Prior to working in comedy, Jeremy worked in both blue and white collar jobs, both in big cities and small towns...even as an HR Specialist!  He understands your pain in planning the event, he understands how to relate to your workforce! And best of all, the entire show is clean! No swear words, nothing offensive. Just good, clean humor designed to motivate and inspire your staff. Improve morale, improve productivity, improve your bottom line!

    The size of the audience doesn't matter! Jeremy has performed for Fortune 100 companies and Ma & Pa shops. He's performed in front of thousands, he's performed in front of 10.  While most comedians simply do their standard comedy act, at your request, Jeremy can actually research your company and writes jokes about it! But wait...There's more! If requested, Jeremy has also created a live gameshow called "The Office Feud." Its a funny take on the popular show "Family Feud" that uses the participation of your audience members!


1. Customized shows based on your needs...see below.
2. Customized jokes based on your company.
3. Jeremy adds your staff's names into his jokes and stories!
4. Your staff in a live gameshow (if reqested).

Jeremy performs at all kinds of corporate events.  Here are a few examples:

This is perfect for when your association, company, or industry is having their annual gathering, quarterly meeting, etc.  You want a reason to attract more people than the last event, and want it affordable, and want to know that the speaker won't say anything that offends the audience.  Jeremy will have your guests enjoying themselves so much that they'll be ready to attend the next event...and bring more people with them!

Whether its the company Christmas party, retirement, or milestone celebration, you want your staff to know they're appreciated.  AND, you want to give them a reason to attend.  Jeremy's office party show is perfectly suited to give your audience a good time without you having to be concerned over edgy content or foul language.

This is a great idea for your school, charity, non-profit, youth organization, and more!  Looking for a fundraiser that's easy to plan, not much work, statistically is a top grossing fundraiser method, AND attracts new clients and donors that have never heard of you?  This is it!!  Jeremy's fundraiser show is clean enough that it won't offend, but powerful and energetic enough that the rowdier crowds have fun too.  Plus, studies show the biggest donations come after the audience has been loosened up!  And if you'd like, Jeremy is willing to do media interviews to help promote the show AND do the "ask" at the end of the night.

When you want something totally different! Honor a retiree, CEO, colleague, you name it! Jeremy helps this special person be honored and respected in a unique way. Jeremy works with you to choose the right friends and family to speak at the roast, and even helps guide them to find the right jokes and stories. How "hard" or how playful the roast may be is entirely up to you. Jeremy will coach and advise you to make it work your way, and even be present to emcee.

The most common next questions is, "Does Jeremy have an agent we need to work with?"  Well, Jeremy has an agent.  BUT, you don't have to work with the agent.  After all, we don't need you paying any more fees!  To begin discussions with Jeremy, just click on the "Get a Quote" page and fill out the info.  It'll be the best decision you make!


You can always email Jeremy directly at any time by clicking HERE.



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